Payment Questions

When do you pay?

Checks for the pay period from the 1st day of the month to the 15th day of the month are sent out on the 24th day of the month. Checks for the pay period from the 16th day of the month to the end-of-month are sent out on the 9th day of the following month.

What forms of payment do you offer? Do you pay out through paypal?

ACH, Wires, Paxum, and Bitcoin. No, we do not offer paypal as a payment option.

What is the default minimum payment?


Where do I go to change my account information?

Click your name in our main navigation and select "your profile" to edit your information.

How do I change the minimum payment on my account?

When you go to the Support section on partners.huge.com, click on "To edit your account information click here." Scroll down to the minimum payment section and there is a drop down menu for you to modify your minimum payment.

I changed my payment information, but the changes are not reflected on my account. What am I doing wrong?

Changes to payment information go through a review process and will not post to your account for 24 hours.